Replicate or distribute? (part 2)

dug dug Follow Aug 30, 2004 · 1 min read


Bonusprint, the UK’s leading mail order photo processor, will be launching in November with a Cognima Snap powered service. The system I’m currently trialling will be available to members of the public–just head on down to Bonusprint and request the “mobile” service.

So far I’m very impressed.

The devil being in the details, I expected the installation to be clunky at best. The Cognima team have spent a lot of time getting the configuration and interface information up to date, so instead of gobbledegook, I received a well-writen SMS alert with precise and correct instructions on how to install the Replicate(t) client software.

So much so, the text had instructions for menu items I didn’t even know existed (like scanning an SMS for a web address and then directing Opera to load that address).

Once installed, the client starts up and the runs as a deamon in the background (cognimad?). As far as I can tell, the software doesn’t have a direct impact on battery life, OS responsiveness or Internet conectivity.

So far so good.

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