Replicate or distribute? (part 3)

dug dug Follow Aug 31, 2004 · 1 min read


wooof Never before in the history of trivial snapshot production has there been a more potent way of assaulting the world with your pictures. There is nothing technically amazing about the service itself–what is amazing is how effortless it is. It isn’t there, it’s invisible, it just happens in the background when your busy doing something else.

In the end I did find one of the few configurable options on the client (though I’m guessing most users won’t even know they have a client running, let alone want to configure it) which is to turn off upload confirmation. With this set to “upload automatically” it is possible to chase your daughter around the garden centre, drive home, put her to bed, crack open a beer and look at the pictures online. Without an intermediate step–no fiddling with the CF card, no USB cable hookup for the card reader, no arsing about with the discoverable settings in the Bluetooth control panel.

At this rate, I’m going to be kicked off the trial for clogging up the GPRS network with my idiotic photographs–I’m just loving this:-)

Next stop, the contacts application…

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