The things you find when cleaning out your disk

dug dug Follow Mar 01, 2002 · 1 min read


I was just cleaning out some backup space on the server, and you know how when you’re trying to throw away old magazines and you can’t help reading the articles and you end up not throwing half of them away?

Well, I came across this little promotional film for the pac-3 hit-to-kill missile technology (I kid you not)

I think Andy ( ) found this and saved it to his disk when we were working on something a while back. I watched the film again - it’s pretty unbelievable stuff along the “life imitates art” line. I don’t know if any of you remember Robocop’s incidental background viewing (“I’ll buy that for a dollar”) - well, this film could have been creatied for Robocop - I still can’t decide if it’s real… and look at the way the American flag flutters for a few seconds before lift-off ;-)

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