Is Apple too powerful?

dug dug Follow Sep 14, 2009 · 1 min read


Interesting article over at mobileopportunity

Jobs said There's a big new market, and we want in Not, we're creating something new or we can vastly improve this category Just, we want a cut It sounds like something Don Corleone would say. Or Steve Ballmer. But it's not what I expected from Apple...

Michael Mace makes a number of good points and takes a good look at the potential clash between Pure Digital and Apple. All true, but the thing I take out of it is what’s the point of a system that needs to contain its success?

Or put another way, if every time a capitalist succeeds in getting enough capital to knock out the competition we have to go in and manually adjust the market doesn’t that suggest something fundamentally daft with capitalism?

Which got me thinking about whether we can teach innovation and fine art and colleges and stuff but I’ll have a think about that later…

Oh. and just so I remember, #interesting2009 was bloody brilliant. I laughed (lots) I cried (twice) and came away happy and exhausted :-)

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