PGP designer-aid

dug dug Follow Aug 03, 2002 · 1 min read


OK guys, this isn’t that complicated. There’s a Macos X port on the go complete with binaries to download, and the chaps in charge are doing their best to make it understandable and usable for plebs like myself who wouldn’t know were to start. Also, If you’re a designer and want to make a difference, esp. by making the PGP apps look good enough to use, check this out (If you want to participate, email the man):

seems the last news post has excited interest in designing icons for Mac GPG, I’m pleased to say. So, the icon contest is back on, only not as formally as before.

It’s not a competition in the traditional sense, just some geeks desperately in need of a helping hand in the graphics department. Following on from yayhooray’s w3c icon project, let’s see what we can do for privacy :-)

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