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dug dug Follow Mar 25, 2007 · 1 min read
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You know, I wasn’t going to get all huffy about it, but I just don’t believe the explanations coming out of Yahoo.

I ignored the many emails explaining how this was going to be a seamless transition and that us early adopters who sent Katerina our cash from day one would be happily assimilated into the collective and that really this was for the best for all concerned. So I finally got this today:


Aside from just not liking their style or their products, one of the main reasons I never got a yahoo id is because the options suck. Well, not in any inherent way, but because they’ve been carrying a registration database around since 1996 so have more than two users.

Call me a wanker (and many do) but I’ve grown used to having nice logins, I’m “dug” on delicious and most other places. If not, I’m Bozo (generally for thing’s I’d be a little embarrassed to discuss with my mom) or even donkeyontheedge if I’m trying to extend or integrate with the blog.

So of course I tried (and and hey, of course they’re gone, as are dieyahoodie, dieyahoodiediedie, yahooarescum, filthyyahooscum (which I thought sounded a bit like self-criticism but which Nicki suggested) and any permutation of yahoo and sucks…


Nope, I’m not kidding;-)

So yeah, has this harmed my experience of Flickr, has it impacted our network of one? Well, yes it has. Am I going to stop using Flickr? No. Am I going to stop fantasising about Katerina? Well, probably not but I’m gonna try, dammit. In any case, while I was regressing to the state of a vindictive six-year-old, I finally managed to find a yahoo id that wasn’t taken:


This rant inspired by Digital Mavericks: Opal Fruits, Marathon, Jif, now Flickr - Grrrrr! via Technorati.

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