My first letters-through-mailboxes session

dug dug Follow May 03, 2010 · 2 mins read
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I’d love to know what got me started on this thing…

Of course the Digital Economy Bill was a bit of a trigger, that and ongoing activity by the EFF and then the thought that the Lib Dems might do quite well this time around. Turns out my MP, Theresa Villiers didn’t even bother to vote on the DE Bill. Not enough having this totally retrograde law being shoved down my throat without a grown-up-sized debate in parliament–my Labour party basically letting me down–the frigging Tories didn’t even bother showing for the vote.

So anyway, fast forward to today. I write this letter (Inspired by the 22 Tory businessmen thing I thought I’d take a captain-of-industry stance. Yes, laughable I know but it’s the best I could come up with):

Greetings, I am a fellow Barnet resident and am writing to highlight our MP's lack of concern for business on the internet. I am Head of Customer Experience for a large, pan-European retailer. I am tasked with competing across national borders but most importantly on the internet. I'd like my share price to survive the recession and I certainly intend to use the latest techniques to help my customers engage with my brands. The government recently pushed through a piece of legislation (the Digital Economy Bill) which makes it harder for customers to create, share and download media. This bill is going to slow down my efforts to compete and will hamper my ability to build partnerships with my customers. For those of us who plan on succeeding in a digital economy this law is just plain bad for business. While it was wrong for the government to push the bill through without sufficient debate, it was even worse for the opposition to ignore the issue. Our MP, Theresa Villiers chose not to vote. I need a government that is invested in internet business. I need a government that understands the complex digital relationships between people and the online businesses that trade with them. I need vigorous copyright reform and online policing that protects investment without harming customers. Nick Clegg is committed to scrapping the Digital Economy bill and Theresa Villiers doesn't care. I can see no indication that anyone in her party understands the issues. While my position should make me a traditional Tory, I will be casting my vote for the Liberal Democrats this Thursday. Please consider the above and if you want to survive in the digital economy and keep jobs in this country then please join me on the 6th of May. All the best,
Dug Falby

Printed a ream of them, signed and folded each one. I’d not gone mailbox stuffing before. CU-1 and I visited the most Tory streets in Barnet (Conservative since 1950) and did the thing. A little freaky at first but we soon got into the swing of it.

Anyways, a drop in the ocean but it seemed like the right thing to do:-)

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