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Hey, we’ve just had a long and very informative post from Matt, a Luton-based Openreach engineer. I hope this really is an engineer speaking and not some perverse item from a ‘guerilla marketing’ agency subverting from within. He describes some real horror stories, if you’re interested in the BT thing it’s well worth a read:

I was on a fault last week and the customer drop-wire from the pole to the house was rubbing through trees so I replaced it only to get a phone call the next day from my manager asking why I hadn't charged the customer as the trees were on his property--this is the level that they are stooping to.

Do they care? This thing has been simmering for a while now, I wonder at what point a BT PR person is going to chime in?

Is BT still shit? (A Donkey on the Edge)

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