Evil little trolls

dug dug Follow Feb 02, 2007 · 1 min read



Well, Russell’s just been hit by his first evil little troll.

I suggested he post the links to the swine so we’ll see what happens.

I was reminded on my own Troll, a nasty man (who, well, yes, nonetheless made some very good points but just not in a full-size-human kind of way…) called Andrew MacLaren who left a comment which had me floored for a week or two.

I posted the full text at the time but I’m not sure if that helped. Here’s a taster:

...by some unfortunate deep linking i somehow landed at your 'website', having spent a few miserable minutes reading your mostly uninspiring and often self-rightous (pap) posts, it would appear to me that in many ways you come across as a borderline wanker, and although that may seem harsh i've just had another look and to put at nicely its a bag of shite! and from what i can gather this is what you actually do!??

Anyway, not going anywhere in particular with this, just felt like pinging some support to Russell.

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