dug dug Follow May 03, 2005 · 1 min read
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Have just spent three hours inputting all manner of stuff into the Aquent website.

They’re one of the biggest recruiters out there so I was amazed to find their site is really poor. It’s full of glitches like clicking on the “apply” button and getting routed to the wrong job or missing navigation. For example, once you’ve spent ten hours uploading your eighteen graphics (because the site is just too crap to produc thumbnails automatically) and completing your profile, your given a “logout” link, but no way to go find jobs! To get job hunting, you have to go back to the location bar and enter the site’s url which takes you back to the home page.

Another crazy thing about the site is the job search engine (not exactly an un-important part of a job-hunting website) which makes it seem like there are no jobs in London. I started searching for “art director” or “information architect” and got very few results. I tried to really broaden the search and entered “creative”, “usability” and “accessible”. Creative only returned 20 results. Strange…

And while I’m on the subject, the search on Monster is fairly pitiful as well. I’m going to be discontinuing their notification service as the logic behind it is just not working.

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Written by dug Follow
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