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dug dug Follow Nov 16, 2005 · 1 min read
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David wrote in this morning. He is concerned that the debate is missing his central premise. Here’s his note:

Hey Dug - Saw your blog post. I just wanted to introduce myself and also give a response. I think quite a few people are missing the point here. PixPulse is not a photo storing site, I don't want people to upload their 100 photos from their last Disneyland trip, I do want people to share daily life experiences on PixPulse and publish their media with friends and the public. My real point here is that very few phones use the Symbian OS. You can't build a business model on a OS that is only supported by less than 5% of the world's handset population. Building a J2ME app on every mobile phone and doing carrier testing is not feasible. SMS and MMS via email is easy and practially supported by all carriers. I like Shozu, but Shozu is not PixPulse. Looks like both you and Roland have talked me into building an API for Shozu ;) Would enjoy feed back from you. --
Cheers, David Xue
Founder/CEO, PixPulse email:
mobile: +1 206. 854. 8888 Get your own PixPulse Channel:

He makes a good point about the ubiquity of email across networks and the difficulty of creating a tested, reliable user base of J2ME clients across many handsets. I like his offer of an API (always interesting). In the case of ShoZu, I think the functionality and user experience are so good that serious Flickreens may well be tempted to upgrade to a Symbian handset fro this service alone.

Time will tell:-)

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