Woody Allen

dug dug Follow Mar 03, 2013 · 1 min read
Screen from the Lemtosh ecommerce site



Your Dad pretending to be Woody Allen (shot by Doug, another Doug) Behold your Dad’s best Woody Allen expression (yeah, not convinced either).

Mmmmm… OK anyways, not sure why I’m even posting this nonsense but had dinner with a guy who does sculpture last night and he said he was working on a statue of Allen and as we compared notes on how wonderful 3D printers and CNCmilling machines were he mentioned he had his glasses. So I tried them on. For no good reason but am looking for new frames and was thinking of taking the Michel Henau route but these Moscots seem kinda interesting… Order popup below again for absolutely no other reason than it’s fun to change the overlay div from 50% black to 100% white in Firebug. Because I can. So why not:-)

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