dug dug Follow Oct 05, 2002 · 1 min read
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Well, haven’t posted much recently, I’ve been working like a dog—sleeping three or four hours and getting straight back to the computer. No fun (Jack dull boy)…

Yesterday took Nick down to Chelsea to see Bobbie Joy, her acupuncturist. Both her wrists have gradually seized up since having CU-1. At first she thought it was a residual problem from the drip, but it now affects both left and right sides and the pain is completely debilitating (she can’t pick up CU-1 without wincing).

She’s just had x-rays of her wrist as the nhs attempts to give her some relief. It occurs to me at this point that the x-ray machine probably costs a fortune, the floor space at the Royal Free were it lives probably costs a fortune and if it weren’t for the chronically underpaid nhs staff that operates it, the machine would be unusable.

Anyway, the good news is that Nick’s acupuncture treatment appears to be working, and at a fraction of the cost of the x-ray technology.

So I drove her down to Chelsea and then took CU-1 for a stroll in Hyde Park. This is my favourite part, I stick her in the Bjorn (a harness-type-thing) and she faces frontwards so she can look at the world(which is all new to her). I can then walk around talking to her about plants, trees cars and whatever else we bump into.

So there we are, the two of us walking past the French consulate, through the gates and across the horse track, except at the last minute a police BMW pulls up right in front of me and stops us. I protest, pointing out that they can’t just stop pedestrians on a whim and the man tells me it’s Brenda and Phil.

Sure enough, a few seconds later, the royal limo shows up and CU-1 gets to wave at Her Britannic Majesty. At point blank range:-)

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