Puffy and smelly

dug dug Follow May 20, 2005 · 1 min read
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So I’m sitting here at my desk, it’s 5am and I’m trying to get some writing done, but my eyes are killing me.

CU-1 got herself a case of conjunctivitis on Tuesday and I gave her a goodnight kiss that evening. I can’t believe this stuff could be so contagious that a single peck on the cheek would be enough to transmit the bacteria…

I woke up Wednesday morning with my eyes all puffy and I’m pretty sure they smelt funny as well. Which was great, because I had finally managed to get a meeting with a key, senior relationship marketing expert at a big fmcg company and I was due to do my spiel about brands reaching out to the digital consumer at 10:30 that morning.

In the end, the meeting went well. This company isn’t going to start a revolution tomorrow, but they’re very smart and understand the earth beneath their feet is starting to move. Turns out they’re keen to listen and keen to learn, so hopefully we’ll be able to do a bit of work together.

This is great news for the internet, as big brands have traditionally been the biggest wasters of bandwidth. If they start to engage and participate in internet culture, that should benefit us all.

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Written by dug Follow
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