Customer dropouts in our purchase funnel

dug dug Follow May 19, 2010 · 1 min read


Hi All, DavidW sent a message ‘round with some thoughts on the Dixons delivery screen. Metrics are indicating this step in the purchase process triggers lots of abandoned baskets.

Here is the current basket delivery step screen (click to enlarge):


What bits stand out as particularly wrong?

  • Page title is "delivery" but no delivery choices visible
  • No call to action to continue the process is visible (continue button is waaaay down and on the left)
  • Incorrect postcode caused by bug in postcode check loop
  • "Print" button occupies the continue "hot spot"
  • There is no indication of total cost of transaction

Here’s a suggested fix:


And here’s what it looks like if you stretch the window to accommodate the whole interface:


What do you guys reckon? Leona? Mohammed?

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