Rich Content and new ways to talk to customers…

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Rich Content and new ways to talk to customers…
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I have been meeting with some different companies recently looking at ways we can increase the benefit of the content on our sites for our users.

There were many interesting things I looked at including product tours, interactive buyer’s guides, presenter led content, branded editorial and complete TV channels online.

Below are a snapshot of some of the different things discussed. Check them out and let me know your thoughts on them:


Coast Productions produced some really engaging content for Canon as parted of a brand campaign that involved taking competition winners to do dream photo shoots with a professional photographer in some incredible locations. Check out the results

Adjust Your Set are the people behind M&S TV and have created the 12 channels for their current allocation. Here are some interesting videos

Gate Web Video do a range of presenter led content, using a presenter to talk users through all aspects of their journey, embedding the presenter onto the page. See what you think and have a look at their showreel

We also had a pitch from Dennis for producing an interactive magazine for helping with Buyer’s Guides and distributing content online. Here is their pitch work, a basic magazine on imaging

Hope you find some of the stuff interesting, any ideas on content or new tech we could utilise let me know!!

Ssssssssssee ya….


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