Is London heading for a "Summer of Rage"?

dug dug Follow Mar 24, 2009 · 1 min read
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Well, if we keep alienating our inalienable rights we could well be heading in that direction. This from a comment on Cory Doctorrow’s excellent Boingboing post (gosh i haven’t linkled to BB in aaaages) London imposes de-facto 9PM curfew on under-16s

is there some way that the logical culmination of this can be headed off? Every indication in the press shows Britain heading for a summer of rage - and every action by the government seems calculated to incite this. It's obvious they want violence so they can have some killings and thereby justify even more heavy-handed repression. When will it be enough for them? Even now, someone is walking and breathing and slated for execution by police bullet or club in a few months time. This is like watching a slow motion car wreck and being helpless to stop the planned and inevitable. What kind of people can be party to this?

And some interesting links from the comments in the same post…

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Written by dug Follow
Hiya, life goes like this. Step 1: Get out of bed. Step 2: Make things better:-)