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dug dug Follow Sep 09, 2003 · 1 min read
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This, from Hanan Levin a week ago and not sure what to do about it…

Wow, doug,
Thanks for linking to grow-a-brain, and wow, couldn’t imagine that my approach got you to suspect that i am affiliated w/ Microsoft?#*?!
Now i have a question: how can i remove the forever quote acusing me for spamming? not the best thing to pop as # 3 when people google growabrain?…
Anyway, i found some cool links on your blog & will link to them this weekend (w/ credit)…

He’s referring to an earlier post where I questioned the ‘purpose’ of his site. This is increasingly a fine line–the site does has some quality links and is frequently updated by an enthusiast, but then there’s this heavy referring to his real estate business and the separation between them is a bit unclear.

In any case, there’s not a lot I can do about my post’s position on Google, but I’d welcome thoughts on where that line is and whether this guy is a respectable blogger or a sleazy salesman, or indeed if it’s even possible to make that sort of distinction. Or, in other words, what does he mean by ‘his approach’?

I’m all the more concerned as I’ve just added a Paypal “donate” button…

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