Having my mouth unstitched

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The stuff that I think several people out there get a kick out of reading on Donkey tends to form in my brain like scum on pot of soaking chickpeas. When I first started posting, the system was so fast that it covered its clunkiness and I merrily skimmed stuff off the top of my brain and dumped it in these pages. Very often, the best stuff wasn’t fully formed stories or reports but little quirky fragments and the best way to whack these online was in the form of lists, only for reasons too dull to explain, making html lists on the old Donkey engine sucked.

So to enjoy my mouth’s new-found freedom…

  1. I've wanted to comment on the James Bulger trials for some time. Some of the reports that were not heard in the original case but came to light after the fact completely changed my attitude (due in large part to my having a CU-1).
  2. If a two-year-old pitches backwards off the big-girl swing she doesn't thwack her head as long as her dad holds her legs
  3. If a two-year-old wants to impress Dad by swinging standing on the big-girl swing, it's a bad idea for Dad to point a camera at her and say "wave to Mommy"
  4. Gail
  5. Must continue formulating thoughts on new agency / agency creative
  6. I'm currently extremely unemployed. Will do usability consulting for food (+44 78 81 91 74 89)
  7. Did I mention I'm unemployed?

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