Versailles part deux…

dug dug Follow Jul 01, 2011 · 1 min read


OK so just a quickie as I take in Today on R4…

I haven’t read the story on the NYT site yet but by the sound of it, the maid who accused DSK of rape collected a bunch of cash payments from some hoods doing time in a New York jail.

So I get it that a hotel maid on minimum wage benefits from some extra cash. But…

  • What benefit did the small-time crims get from the sting operation?
  • How did a bunch of dealers know to pick DSK or indeed what hotel he’d be staying at?
  • If the crims had no motive for the sting, who did?

If was Agatha Christie I’d have to say Christine Lagarde looked like a good candidate:-)

Talk about intrigue…

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