Travis Downs - Adding Staticman Comments...

dug dug Follow Apr 04, 2020 · 1 min read
Travis Downs - Adding Staticman Comments...
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Debugging Staticman using this fantastic write-up how-to

success	false
message	"Error whilst parsing Staticman config file"

The response headers above

Sigh… OK this may take a while…


Hi Adam, actually it’s still broken. I ran out of time. Getting rid of the nice CSS helped a bit but the JS code that filters the outputs and triggers the call to Staticman isn’t behaving as expected. I’m getting mostly spam in the meantime. Really hard to find a dev who could help with Staticman, I asked Eduardo if I could hire hire him for a day or two but no joy. Will have to get back in an fix as soon as I get some free time

Sorry Adam, realise that was a really unhelpful reply in that it doesn’t address the original comment about the ‘Error whilst parsing Staticman config file’ error message. I’m embarrassed to admit I now don’t remember the exact details:-( Most of the problems people have are to do with ssh keys for the github bot. I declared them a few times following the instructions from Travis and eventually it all loaded. The problems I’m having now are as a result of a non-technical person (me) hacking two different Jekyll templates together and making a bit of a mess of everything. What would be super helpful would be an ultra-simple "hello world" single, static page website for Staticman. It’s amazing how complicated it gets once you start adjusting even the tinyest thing!

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