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dug dug Follow Mar 31, 2003 · 1 min read
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My Pa is running for office(?!) for the town council of Budleigh Salterton and the East Devon District Council (the seat of power in the region). All a bit last minute and sudden (the election is in May) but if you live in Budleigh, or someone in your family lives in Budleigh then please mention the FALBY and RODEN ticket, two independents standing against the Conservative Party.

If you know anyone who blogs and has any concern for what is happening in Budleigh (and towns like it) please take a moment to ask them to link to this post or simple to vote FALBY and RODEN on 1st May.

Small-town politics seem pretty trivial, but some seriously nasty shit is happening down there involving land owners. FALBY and RODEN are trying to oust the standing Conservatives who have done nothing to prevent building on or near areas of outstanding natural beauty, planning officers ignoring their own policy guidelines and profit seeking landowners harming the housing fabric of the community.

If you blog, spread the word, here a few links relating to those property and development debacles. Unfortunately, a lot of this stuff isn’t traceable online. If you do find either evidence of any wrongdoing, or useful community discussion resources, please let me know, and I’ll post them here…

Plymco’s Ethical Policy and Development at Chittleburn
Architect drawings from the Elvestone project
Six two bedroom flats

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