Loving my new Mitas E10 tyres -- -)

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Kevin at http://www.sbwmotorrad-bmw.com recently fitted some Mitas E10’s to the GSA. I think I may have been his first customer to go with these hoops so he sent me an email a couple of days ago asking how I was doing on my new rubber. Here’s my reply:

Hi Kevin,

I am absolutely thrilled to bits with the E10s. They have got to be the official tyres of the Narnia Grand Prix.

Mitas E10 fitted to 2006 GSA1200

I’ve run three pairs of TKC80s, a pair of Battlaxes and some Tourances and the E10s yomp ahead in winter handling.

I’ve read the posts on ukgser and advrider and the guys complaining about wet tarmac handling are (IMHO) just idiots who lean a half-ton tourer wearing knobblies into a bend with wet tarmac and are surprised when they come off after touching the front brake. No offense intended, but when you fit winter tyres and head out in crappy weather, you drive more carefully (it’s all about keeping the bike in the safety envelope).

I left home yesterday morning in a foot of powder on a crust of ice with temp reading -7, fought my way through Whetstone and Tottering in frozen snow and slush and then did the M1 to junction 8 (-9 on the dashboard), not once did I even have to stand up on the pegs.

Mitas E10 fitted to 2006 GSA1200

Two days ago I crossed Totteridge common in deep powder and standing on the pegs it was like skiing, fun and exhilarating - never lost handling, no difficulty breaking or wheel-spinning.

I would say if you’ve got a customer who has a basic understanding of off-road behaviour (weight distribution, looking ahead, keep upper body loose, steer with feet) you should definitely recommend this tyre for the winter months.

Is it a perfect all-around handler? No
Is it very noisy on the Motorway: Yes
Is it a soft compound that won’t last: Probably

But if you care about that, go buy yourself some Tourances. If you want a soft compound with an agressive tread that finds friction traction below the freezing point grap a pair of E10s.

Also, I’ve never got more than 4k out of my rear TKC-80 (blocks down to a few millimeters) so again, the Advrider forums aren’t giving your customers the whole picture.

Thanks for finding these for me, I’m really enjoying this snow :-)


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