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dug dug Follow Jun 03, 2004 · 1 min read
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So I’m still digging around the advertising industry looking to see if I have an idea or not…

Firstly, Bill Bernbach (the guy in the picture) would have shot someone for this–I mean can you imagine the marketing team at Avis (long story, see quote in before-last post) saying We’re going to try harder for our customers, give them the best possible service. Unless they’re not wearing a new suit, in which case we’ll tell’em to go get a new suit before we’ll talk to ‘em–yeah, that’s the ticket…

Secondly, compare these two statements:

Tribal DDB (January 2004)

We plan, build and market successful businesses in the digital marketplace with stirring ideas that stimulate, respect and serve our clients’ customers and this is our driving obsession.

Pumpernickle (May 2002)

It is our belief that businesses benefit from an active participation in internet culture that contributes to and respects the many online communities and market places. Pumpernickle plans and designs projects that respect this environment.

Which is heart-warming for me, really as Tribal must have got something right, so we couldn’t be too far off the mark… Anyway, am off to put thinking cap back on. This is refreshing, I haven’t spent whole days thinking about the business in years :-)

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