Have been trying to set up a seller’s account on Ebay…

dug dug Follow Jul 28, 2003 · 1 min read
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…and have discovered a few things (and no, I don’t have OCD):

  1. There is no telephone number anywhere on ebay.co.uk
  2. Companies House lists several Ebay (UK) Limited, including one which is an estate agent on Lavender Hill in South London who is tired of people telephoning him about Ebay the auction site (but who was courteous throughout the conversation) and has offered to sell the limited company to Ebay (on Ebay?) on several occasions with no success
  3. Ebay have disabled "support@ebay.co.uk"
  4. The expert system that replaces it isn't
  5. The help pages don't cover problems with setting up seller accounts
  6. There is quite a large community of disgruntled users out there (see http://www.ebayexodus.com/ as a starting point)

I wonder, as Ebay is now such a large marketplace and that is it a de facto monopoly, should it be nationalised? Anyway, this post was prompted by this one

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Written by dug Follow
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