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dug dug Follow Sep 12, 2002 · 1 min read


well, if you are in the UK and you read blogs, you’ll have heard about the Guardian’s “best British weblog” competition. Well, the competition closed last Friday, so the judges are hard at it right now.

In the spirit of healthy debate, I thought I’d add Tom Coates’ little javascript of those who chose not to enter. I tried to enter both because I’m a mercenary shit out for glory, but he wouldn’t let me…

As a friend used to say years ago while fiddling the rules of tournament four-hand tarot, a rule is a rule;-)

(ed: had to cut the js call, it was breaking the template for pc users)

If you want to post this pod on your site, the code goes something like this (mind the line breaks, the whole lot should fit on one line):

<script language=”javascript” type=”javascript” src=” misc/bestbritishblog.js”> </script>

Finally, if any of you UK bloggers feel left out, confused or just plain bored with our new found celebrity (I’m sure we’re due to drift out of the zeitgeist any second now…) why not comment on the judges blogs? Here are the three that are posted on the Guardian site…

Answers on a postcard, please:-)

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