Why didn’t I think of that…

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What a great idea

Thanks to Ross Mayfield for pointing me at Dandelife Ross Mayfield’s Weblog: Dandelife. He says:

There is a gap in social software for binding stories in a chronology. For building biographies of people, places and things.

Which gave me a huge nudge and a smile as I’ve been meaning to post about randomaccessmemory, a project to store collective memories and allow communal browsing of the stored results. It was a beautiful site and a great idea but it happened just before web2.0. It epitomises everything that web2.0 is great for but can’t take part (no community, no rss, no tagging, no flickr links etc). Apparently a new version of RAM launched in October 2005 so I could be wrong (I think I last left a RAM in 2001 so it’s been a while)

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