Is this an April Fool’s day thing?

dug dug Follow Apr 01, 2010 · 1 min read
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Talk about what makes a great customer experience… My O2 iPhone has been down for four days now and no amount of calls to the ‘support’ line and emails to the help-desk seem to make any difference. If I can find the energy I’ll log each step in the exchange as right from buying the phone it’s been one UX downer after another…

As a last ditch effort, I’ve just sent the following to support (mark of a quality customer experience: somebody steps up to the plate and takes responsibility. So far O2 0/10 on that front):

Dear O2 'support' This is the fourth day I have not had an active working number on my iPhone. I purchased this iPhone from you 2 years ago. This iPhone is: IMEI = 01 161400 578383 7
With ICCID = 8944 1100 6422 5894 959
Number = +44 7515 661 655 This phone has not been working since the 29th of March 2010. I note that because you are not supplying the services I pay you for, your service may be deemed "substantially not as described" under British law and therefore, this voids the contract between us. If my phone is not working by GMT18:00 today I shall consider our contracts (I have 2 contracts with O2) void and cease payments to you. All the best,

Oh, and by the way, Ofcom are on Twitter I wonder if that account is really run by an Ofcom representative?

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Written by dug Follow
Hiya, life goes like this. Step 1: Get out of bed. Step 2: Make things better:-)