Stopping the Digital Economy Bill

dug dug Follow Mar 24, 2010 · 1 min read
Stopping the Digital Economy Bill
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Or at least lets make sure the darn thing gets a proper debate in parliament. The bit that frightens me most: Big Copyright getting the right to disconnect my daughter from the internet. I wished I had been recording Cory Doctorow (above) instead of photographing him as he made a beautifully worded case for the absurdity of the bill.

updated: he’s on Youtube

Piracy is a problem, but it’s also a red herring. The real problem is industry using it’s lobbying power to manipulate copyright law and resist change. We’ll know we’re heading in the right direction when the rights to Mickey Mouse enters the public domain and the record industry develops a healthy business model in partnership with its customers.

Until then, y’all need to look at supporting the EFF the FSF and the Open Rights Group (ORG briefing here) amongst others. Oh, that, and call your MP:-)

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