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CU-1's shiny new Lamy ABC fountain pen

dug dug Follow Aug 02, 2008 · 1 min read
The Lamy ABC fountain pen
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CU-1 has been learning to write these past few years and I was buying stamps at a stationners in Farnham when I came across this pen. I first heard it mentioned by Richard Binder and since then have thought it would make a great addition for CU-1. She’s visiting her Nan right now but I’ll present it when she gets back (with “CU-1” on the cap, not “Thomas” of course).

It’s slightly tricky, Jed–my dad–is a talented calligrapher and I can manage some fluid strokes myself when I need to. The temptation is to try and get CU-1 writing like I was taught in school (in France we were taught ‘joined-up’ writing from the get-go using the the redoutable “Stypen” best known for leaving puddles of ink everywhere) but that’s exactly what my dad tried to do and it got me in a bit of muddle on the handwriting front…

So I’m going to bite my lip for now and help her with her non-cursive letterforms:-)

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