Flickr censorship and misdemeanours

dug dug Follow Mar 27, 2007 · 1 min read
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Safe???!! WTF does that mean?!! This from the Flickr help files:

My account has been reviewed as safe. What does that mean? Having a "safe" account means that you are good at moderating your own content. Awesome!

“Good at moderating your own content” wow that sounds creepy. I hate it when I read something like this that intellectually I know is right but somewhere hidden at the back there’s a little alarm bell that goes off… Now if I could only work out what it was.

One of the Flickr posters in my contacts has had a lot of grief with her regular readers complaining that they could no longer see her pictures. I’ve been doing a little reading ever since I became a libellous Flickr user (can you libel someone in an email address? I’m sure there’s a precendent out there…) and you know, this Flickr content filter thing is really getting up my nose.

Anyway, am not liking the feeling of being ‘handled’ this is definitely not the Flickr experience I signed up for.

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Written by dug Follow
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