Flash battering

dug dug Follow Mar 10, 2003 · 1 min read



OK, so I haven’t commented on Flash in a while. I have just had to struggle with a site that was determined to conceal the information I wanted to find, and as I struggled past the beautiful, smooth animated typography, an analogy sprang to mind…

Imagine you’re finishing up on the bog and you reach for the paper, but that every time you try and rip a sheet off, the roll winds up, and slowly tells you about how Nouvelle respects both nature and your bottom to the sound of a crap techno loop, and that to get a sheet, you just pull down towards the floor… By the third time, you’d be using old newspaper.

I got a telephone message from a woman in America wanting information about a client and was simply trying to confirm her email address. You’d think a company’s website might be a good place to look for an employee’s email? Unfortunately, the site is completely static and is un-editable by the company, so contains no such current info.

Oh, but it is pretty;-)

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