Flickr comes of age

dug dug Follow Jul 31, 2005 · 1 min read


From the Flickr news page entry dated 31st July, 2005

Now you can block obnoxious, unfriendly, annoying, suspicious, smelly, confusing, politically questionable, disconcerting, pernicious, creepy, putrid, dismaying ex-boyfriends, people who want to be your boyfriend who you don't want as a boyfriend, hamsters, people who dislike Mogwai, that girl who laughed at your hair extensions, insurance salesmen, your ex-husband's second wife, your ex-wife's second husband, turtles, astronauts, nose-pickers, people with ugly anime characters as their buddy icon or just about any people you would like to block. Sometimes life is complicated.

Yes indeed it is. While there’s no denying the Flickreens have some awesome copywriting skills, could this have something to do with Yahoo’s legal department?

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