Comment spam, mtblacklist etc

dug dug Follow Dec 31, 2004 · 1 min read


Just wanted to explain what has happened to Donkey as a result of the recent spam attacks on MT installations.

The short story is I got very tired of deleting 50 comments about viagra every morning.

The slightly longer story is that until blacklist et al get beyond beta, I’m not going to upgrade. I still can’t beleive that the ‘delete one blog for free’ bug was only discovered in November and I’m feeling seriously stung. Anyways, the software stays where it is for now, so as a result, I’ve enabled Typekey login for commenting.

While initially impossible to configure as a result of some quirky vocab in the documentation, the system works really well for visitors. One you log in, you are logged in to all blogs on the Typekey network, which is kinda neat. The registration isn’t a big deal and finally, selfishly, I haven’t had a single piece of comment spam since turning the thing on…

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