CU-1’s first X-ray

dug dug Follow Sep 07, 2003 · 1 min read


CU-1’s been running around the Royal Free’s pediatric A&E for most of the afternoon. I’m stuck at work, so Nick’s had to deal on her own. As of 20:00 CU-1 had had her first X-ray and was waiting for results.

She’s had a bad fever on and off for a few days and hasn’t been sleeping. Nick called NHS Direct today when the little girl got the shivers (and her feet and arms turned blue!) and was told to head straight for casualty. CU-1 has been looking pretty awful with very dark circles under her eyes, but I fear that this is just one of many long nights to be spent waiting for doctors :-(

She’s only 16 months old but she’s already been prescribed three courses of antibiotics. I have a sneaking suspicion that hers is the first generation of post-antibiotic western children that are going to be spending a lot of time in bed fighting off infections with the strength of their little bodies. My guess is that when she’s in her twenties the Victorian workplace practice of isolating the sick will have returned, replacing our current culture of taking a pill and showing up sick…

Of course much of the above distress is probably (at least in part) down to her molars pushing (cracking?) through her jaw. This week saw the appearance of a number of whopping teeth the size Lego bricks. I’ve got her all day tomorrow so this should be fun ;-)

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