dug dug Follow Jan 19, 2003 · 1 min read
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Ok, so I guess Greg Landweber and Arlo Rose got tired of learning new tricks. To be fair, Kaleidoscope was (and is) one of coolest Mac OS hacks. It allowed people to completely change the look-and-feel of their machine by using themes.

Kaleidoscope won’t be upgraded to OS X which in a way is to be expected as since the two desktops use completely different methods to describe stuff—it would be a rewrite from scratch and the guys are probably busy with their day jobs.

So getting to the point already, I wanted to say thanks to conundrum software for sorting out the theme thing on OS X and letting me use the super functional Pez theme that I used to run under Kaleidoscope. Give it a month or two, then download (and pay for) version 4 of Duality. It’ll be the first theme switcher on X to catch errors and prevent you messing up your system. Also, it will ship with a companion app that cleans up old themes, so the choice available should grow considerably at a stroke:-)

Their site is pretty slow and often down unfortunately (popularity?). Finally, if somebody knows of an OS X version of the “slibber” theme (you’ll know it if you use it) I’d be mighty grateful for a url.

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