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dug dug Follow Jul 11, 2003 · 1 min read
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I was reading about a new campaign by a small ‘hot-shop’ that claims to ‘own’ the feeling of excitement. These guys reckon that their client’s cars are just so ‘exciting’ (and conversely, our lives so dull) that the emotionally starved masses will flock to the showrooms to snap up their latest 4×4.

I think their core concept could be a valid one in the sense that we do have a bit of an unholy relationship with our cars (I’m reminded of my own early relationship with the 4×4). This relationship can sometimes go to some pretty strange emotional places. I’m not equipped to do the Freudian on the whole thing, but I had this idea that maybe people (probably mostly women who are more creative in this department?) have integrated their cars into their sexual fantasising?

I was thinking about fan-fiction, all those amazing pages of text lovingly written about Seven-of-Nine and Katherine Janeway or Josh and Donna–they’re so intense, so involved–I mean it must take ages to write all that stuff. So is there ‘carfic’ out there to match the ‘fanfic’?

How long before Jeep starts posting to usenet ( anybody?) with an army of imaginary advertising agency copywriters pretending to be single thirty-something females?

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