Unix never crashes

dug dug Follow May 23, 2002 · 1 min read
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or so the ubergeeks would have you believe. I remember Chris explaining at great length how he could upgrade parts of his Linux kernel while the machine was running.

What the Unix guys don’t tell you, is that those amazing uptime results are helped along by a total lack of device control (no usb bus etc). When a company tries to make a use friendly version of BSD that is the “hub of your digital lifestyle” they bump into USB bus barfing and nasty driver conflicts. The following image is what happens to an Imac if it goes to sleep when tethered to a usb camera (the lovely Canon ixus) - nasty kernel panic…

As much as I dearly love Nicki’s little white Imac (pictured) this is sad - really, depressingly, woefully sad. So the question is, who ya gonna call, Apple or canon?

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