PSP vs. DS

dug dug Follow Jun 19, 2006 · 1 min read
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There appears to be some debate about the relative superiority of the Nintendo DS and Sony’s PSP. Unusually for this kind of online debate, the quality of the language is very high.

shutup timD just cuz u cant afford a psp u can suck my balls you fucking nintendo whores. clearly. you wanna talk originallity? supermario bros = supermario bros ds. repeated kirby games, there all the same!! i dont see the difference, besides that the ds only does games. psp does video, mp3, wireless internet, photos, and VIDEO GAMES THAT ROCK! i do indeed plan on buying a ds, because the new super mario bros. intrigues me. psp = pc based handheld. ds = two game boys brought together with a "stick" to touch itself with. dude shutt the fuck up or ill take that stylus and stick it up your uretheral sideways!! (if youd dont know what that word is ^ its your penis whole...jackass) i bet youve never even played either one thank you person with actuall friggin' brains!! me bitch PSP is better then ds...Accept it. The only thing ds has over psp is games and how the F*** is games better then video,Music and photos combined.


I can’t say I had ever heard a stylus described as something to touch oneself with;-)

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