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dug dug Follow Dec 01, 2009 · 1 min read
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Superfluid is great:-)

While our soon-to-launch liquid economy offering lets participants create and reuse any number of currencies (the idea being that in some particularly unstable parts of the world made-up currency could be more useful than the governement paper) Superfluid has gone with a single-currency model. This is really interesting stuff and I hope our two teams can share the knowledge we gather from trading with these new currencies. Here’s the description of the Superfluid currency:

All About Quids The value of a Quid is determined by users of the superfluid system. It's not equivalent to a dollar, and you can't buy them with dollars, or sell them for dollars. Quids simply represent a tool to help you barter most efficiently. When deciding how many Quids to charge for any offering, you'll want to look at comparable offerings already online. If you see nothing comparable, you might derive it from our expectation that the median price will be about 60 Quids per hour. There are three ways that participants can use Quids:
  1. Buy and sell Services and Products.
  2. Borrow a few Quids; based upon the number of Quids you hold.
  3. Earn a few extra Quids by being an active participant; there's periodically a small monthly dividend provided to users in bonus Quids (expiring after four months, unless used), based in total upon growth of the community, and distributed based upon the number of transactions (purchasing or selling) each participant transacts within the system.
As an active participant in the community, you add value to the system, so you're given 200 Quids to get you started when you join.

Another interesting distinction, they’ve decided to launch with business-to-business transacting only. Interesting stuff :-)

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