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How did I not know about frontalot? The noise on the MT5 threads included a funny thread which includes this MUD (Infocom) inspired comment

You are standing in a typical conference room, containing a large table surrounded by chairs of varying repair. Six Apart Japan, Moveable Type and the Six Apart Brand are here. There is a platter with food of questionable provenance on the table. >EXAMINE SIX APART BRAND Six Apart Brand looks like it has been kicked out of its house and sleeping on friends' couches for a few months. Its eyes dart around the room nervously. >TAKE ALL Taken. >I You are carrying:
a mobile phone
a briefcase
several dozen business cards
Six Apart Japan
Moveable Type
Six Apart Brand
Questionable Food >REASSURE What do you want to reassure? >SIX APART BRAND You speak soothingly and Six Apart Brand becomes noticeably calmer >EAT FOOD The food is satisfying at first but leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and a virus in your stomach. A mercifully short period of extreme unpleasantness follows resulting in most of your insides ending up on your outsides. Six Apart Brand whimpers and curls up in the corner. *** YOU HAVE DIED ***

So the next question is do I need to learn Japanese to keep using my favourite CMS Not if SAKK is to be believed but I guess we’ll see… Mind you if they keep releasing updates at their current rate I’ll learn any language it takes:-)

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