The candy coloured clown they call The Sandman

dug dug Follow May 16, 2011 · 1 min read


I quoted from Blue Velvet the other day and got blank stares.

Am I getting old? Surely the In Dreams moment is a monument to something forever. Just watched it again on YouTube, I’d forgotten how the characters move slowly while Frank lip-syncs.

All the more weird as Isabella Rossellini has just been heard through the door “Mommy loves you” and we see her wander slowly into the shot as the guy she was with climbs up on the arm of the sofa and freezes.

So I thought I’d learn this on the guitar, Dm and G13 are giving me a bit of finger ache but will get there eventually(G13 in particular seems to made no sense and I can’t get it to sound like anything). Roy makes it look so easy:-)

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