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Yahoo Groups

dug dug Follow Feb 14, 2004 · 1 min read
You try getting a decent email username...
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Just tried to join the Yahoo Group of a project I’m working on.

You know how there are a jillion Yahoo users, well, try finding a username that isn’t taken. Seriously, this is getting ridiculous, why can’t Yahoo switch to an email-based handle, or allow handle duplicates as long as some combination of other data is unique?

“” was taken (they suggested “”) – “bozo” was taken (of course), but “bozobozobozo” was taken as well! And, I have to say, the suggested alternative “bozobozobozo2000” really pushes the envelope… You’d think that a company as big as Yahoo could use some sort of clever language-based suggestions?

In the end, the wordy-but-mnemonic “dugathumaniteinenglish” was also unavailable, so either Yahoo Groups is broken or Satan is in charge of the user registration.

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