dug dug Follow Dec 09, 2002 · 1 min read
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Oh, and last week I stepped on a plug which was laying prongs-up. For you Americans out there, a British plug has a brass slab about the girth of a pencil as an earth lead. So as I say, I stepped on one of these things and the big ol’ brass thing carved its way into the sole of my foot to near the heel on the right hand side.

Never mind that it hurt like shit, as I’ve said before, after seeing this photo of Dave’s leg, I decided I would never again complain about something being sore…So the interesting thing is that while the puncture didn’t get infected, the whole right side of my body started to ache. My back started spasming (is that a word) and most bizarre of all, my right knee almost seized up.

So Nick has been reading reflexology books and pointed out that the puncture on the sole of my foot was right on the appendix spot. You could say that the brass shaft cut right through the appendix point and in a way, what happened to my body felt an awful lot like what would happen if toxins were released from a punctured appendix…

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Written by dug Follow
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