dug dug Follow Oct 08, 2002 · 1 min read
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They don’t keep their software up to date in a way that is useful to the user, but I won’t go there…

If you are an OSX user and need updates to Illustrator (the Pantone data that shipped with 10.0.1 was woefully inaccurate) you are now asked to register. In particular, the download sequence requires a postcode, which IMHO is downright cheeky as this ain’t no shareware shit honey. I’ve shelled and shelled again (imagine my surprise when I spent hard currency on Acrobat 10 only to discover that Distiller only runs in Classic) and have also registered my copies of Adobe software. I’m sorry, this is a hustle, and it pisses me off (yes I know, I could put a fake postcode in but it’s the principle of the thing)

So I thought I’d post the following:

this takes you to the public ftp server at the level of application listings, follow the links to your desired update at your leisure:-) Now, let’s see how long they keep public ftp going…

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