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dug dug Follow Aug 15, 2006 · 1 min read
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I first approached a major FMCG client about helping their brands join the conversation over three years ago. That particular contact kept my original email so there was at least a degree of interest at the time.

The last three months have been very interesting. I finally managed to get an FMCG brand to have a go at transparency (see Birds Eye’s pea harvest blog) and even more recently I’ve been flooded with enquiries at work. The good news is that most, if not all the clients I discuss co-ceation, blogging and transparency with actually get it.

I think we’re about to see a whole bunch of really exciting communications initiatives coming from traditional brands as department heads realise they can build social software into their product offering (we’re currently discussing how that might work with a restaurant!) without needing to struggle past big IT or big brand budgets.

So Faris, that’s my 2¢ for your presentation:-)

Talent imitates, genius steals: Blogs and Brands

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