5 weeks to go

dug dug Follow Apr 21, 2002 · 1 min read



Only five more weeks til I become a dad! Haven’t had much time to myself of late as I’ve been doing loads of construction work between bouts of job work. Those of you who have visited West End Lane know what a state the back room was in - no walls no floor and a maze of sewer drains, gas pipes and loose or exposed wiring. Considering that’s where the little guy is going to be sleeping, I’ve a lot to clean up ;-)

Nicki has had a remarkably trouble free pregnancy. We had some concerns at the outset, as we were both on the Atkins diet when we got pregnant. Obviously, any kind of diet is bad for a pregnant woman and her child, so we were a little concerned, but in the end all appears to be going well.

Quite recently, Nick has started feeling the weight of the little guy. She is unfortunately now experiencing quite a lot of pain, which is compounded by general exhaustion. She is however still in good spirits and hopefully the thought of the product of all this is cheering her up (I know it cheers me up, but then I’m not the one doing the work/feeling the pain)

We’re off to the Royal Free this afternoon for the tour of the maternity ward - should be interesting…

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