The Joy of Sex

dug dug Follow Jul 07, 2002 · 1 min read


Funny article in the Guardian this morning. Barbara Ellen remembers the hairy hippies of “The Joy of Sex”. She laments the passing of said hippies as the new edition has replaced the daft drawings with (no doubt very earnest and tasteful) photos of models.

I was reminded of sneaking a peek at my parent’s copy as a little boy. Just for the record, I hope the new edition removes a lot of the original’s nonsense or there is going to be a whole new generation of eight-year-old boys who believe men are gay because they fear the vulva. I seem to remember reading that the vulva would jump out and grab the poor guy. This was actually supported by an illustration of what looked like a large pink garden trowel sticking out from between hippy lady’s legs - scarry stuff ;-)

Right, I’m sure there were some other pearls in there that I’ve forgotten. Anyone?

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