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Carney gets it right

dug dug Follow Sep 17, 2023 · 1 min read
Mark Carney accuses Liz Truss of delivering 'Argentina on the Channel' with her mini-budget last year


Mark Carney was speaking at the Global Progress Action summit in Montreal last week.

He made the point: “For years, the rallying cry of the Brexiteers was ‘broken Britain’. But their solution - to ‘take back control’ - ended up code for tear down the future.”

He went on: “When politicians proclaim that our great democracies are broken, it’s not because they want to fix them, it’s because they want a licence to demolish. It’s a model, and it’s a repeated model, that uses a constraint to ‘starve the beast of government’ in the misguided view that slashing leads to growing.”

We need leaders like Carney to continue making invisible forces more understandable. We have a nasty habit of accepting arrangements with our leaders where what we get, why, and what the consequences are (and what the other party gets) are obscured.

This means bad faith actors, currently busy “flooding the zone with shit” to quote Steve Bannon, can and do get away with breaking truths the rest of us took to be inalienable:-(

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