Bob Lutz is going for the brass ring

dug dug Follow Apr 04, 2008 · 1 min read
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Wow, you know, I don’t normally read Bob Lutz’s stuff over at the GM FastLane Blog which is odd because I quote the blog to clients all the time. Just took a peek today and saw this:

... In the end, it cost us much more than that; it cost us our reputation for technology leadership and innovation. We made that mistake once. We won’t make it again. I think the whole company has learned when you step out and do bold things, you win and when you're cautious and let other people do the bold things, you lose. Many great ideas die every day because we value the safety of the tried-and-true over the risk that true innovation requires. This is not going to be the case with Volt; we are going for the brass ring.

Great stuff, a senior VP publicly admitting he fucked up (and promising not to trip over the same log twice).

So this volt thing seems pretty cool. It’s a different strategy than the Tesla plan. The board at Tesla Motors are banking on a high-performance car (the 2008 Tesla Roadster) to get the ev ball rolling and they plan to roll out an inexpensive family saloon after that.

Also, the Volt is an E-REV so still factoring in the petrol pump…

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